Integrated web systems

Digital transformation today, with no excuses.

Assorted Lego bricks
Is your IT ecosystem complex? Let's join the pieces.

Integrated with EVERYTHING

Integrate omnichannel e-commerce with shop-floor systems? We've already done it. Three different CRMs with a multichannel service portal and social media? We've already done it too. Mobile applications with your logistics system? Done. Integrate your DAM and your robotic scanners? We've done it too.

We have extensive experience in SOAP, REST, RPC and many other integration models. What do you need to integrate? Just name it.

Commercial jet flies under the sunny blue sky
Failsafe systems for operations that can't stop.

High availability

If your operation can't stop, you need a system with redundancy in all layers. What does this mean? A commercial jet with two engines is designed to fly with only one engine working. Why not do the same thing?

Eliminating bottlenecks and points of failure, offering redundancy and monitoring automatically operations that need to work 24/7 are the foundation of high availability. Do you need your systems always running? Contact us.

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Software to assist crowds

Dynamic scalability

Offering high availability is not just a matter of having more machines and having two of each component in your systems. This would work, but, of course, the cost would be absurd. Resources of cloud integration allow that the infrastructure that supports your sites and systems can change size automatically, in minutes, according to the demand.

This means you will be ready for the operation peaks (like Black Friday, if you have an e-commerce) but you won't pay for a huge infrastructure all the time. If you need an operation that is always online, but the cost/benefit ratio is important, contact us.

Formula 1 Red Bull Racing car
The way we work is inspired on the best teams in the world.

The DevOps way

Infrastructure and development can't be worked out independently. In a Formula 1 team, drivers and mechanics make one team. Integrating completely development and infrastructure gives the team freedom with no comparison.

We are not talking about a simple performance improvement, of making the development faster or increasing quality. We are talking about another category, the possibility of building things that were impossible before. We are not talking about making your earnings double, but making it fifty times bigger. Talk to us.

Little boy with his hands over a computer keyboard
Having a software that is easy to use makes people happier.

Easy to use

A software exists to serve people. Easy to use software makes people happier, increasing productivity, increasing the conversion rate, reducing costs with training and with operating problems. These costs and benefits are, usually, underestimated.

It's not rare that an easy to use software has results such as: 43% more productivity, conversion rate 120% bigger or 38% less dropout. These are real numbers from some of our clients. When a hard to use, ugly, slow or complicated software is created, you are wasting your resources. Why not build a software that people can use? Contact us.

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Be where the customer is.


Why force your clients and partners to be in one platform only? Windows Computers, Mac, Linux, Android phones and iPhone, interactive kiosk, smart TV, videogames, voice interfaces, embedded devices and PDV systems are only some of the interfaces where your client can buy or interact with you.

It doesn't matter which channel the consumer or partner is using, all data has to be there. In real time. With the same excellence in all channels. Do you want to open more doors in your business? Let's talk.