Sites and e-commerce for large businesses.

Anyone can build a site. But if your business needs an outstanding site...

Indistinct audience of a music show
Be prepared for a great performance.

For intense web traffic

Be prepared. The moment your website achieves a great number of access can be seen as a reason to celebrate, after all, your strategy has been a success. But it´s also a reason for concerns. Will your website be able to support the intense traffic? A small failure may waste all your investment in strategies, web content, media and development.

During Black Friday events or when your media campaign is a success, what type of phone call do you want to receive? “Congratulations for your work” or “the site has rendered useless”? Visie develops websites that receive millions of access, with no interruption. Let's talk?

A huge pile of papers
Too much content? We know how to organize.

For large amounts of content

It can be very challenging to have a website with thousands or millions of pages. How can you guarantee that your content will be found by Google and will not be duplicated? How can you manage all of the information and guarantee that the website will always be updated? Every new version of the CMS and every layout review will demand many working hours?

We have already developed some websites with, literally, millions of pages. From content evaluation, going through the construction of automated processes to import different content formats, with the standardization and publication of this content, we have the experience needed in all steps of the process to put everything under control. Talk to us.

Three single-engine airplanes leaving behind trails of white smoke under the sunny blue sky
Really, really fast websites.


The competition on the web is only a click away. Your website needs to load fast. Fast websites sell more, keep their users happier and are the first to show on Google.

There are many studies showing this. Amazon discovered that every 0.1 second that your website takes to load represents a loss of 1% of the income. Google noticed that every 0.4 second that searches take to load reduces the quantity of searches in 8 million. What happens with your website? Let's find out?

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Websites that everyone finds and can use

Accessible and indexable

Your site needs to work for everyone. In different browsers, on the mobile phone, on the tablet, computer, with good or bad connections. It needs to work on screen readers for disabled people, and it has to be accessible with mouse or keyboard.

And it has to be easy to understand. Also, your site needs to be well indexed by Google. Each one of these details will reduce the risk of not serving site users. Your website has to be prepared to work in any situation. And we know how to do that. Just call us.

Close-up photograph of a safe lock
On the web, safety means being updated.


We develop sites based on open source technologies. This means that the tools' code that we use is read and validated by millions of programmers around the world. That´s why the open source software is usually more stable and safe, and the basic infrastructure of the internet is based on Linux and other open source software. Open source is cheaper, more stable and safer.

Of course, this happens if you are always updated. An outdated open source software or one that doesn't follow the current good safety practices is just as unsafe as any other. That's why Visie's specialists are always updated with the best safety techniques and good safety practices. Our services have been used, validated and approved by many multinational companies, banks, Brazil's governments and public companies. Let's talk?

Young woman looking at a laptop screen and smiling
Maintaining a website has to be very easy.

Easy to manage

Most companies save resources to design a new website, but they underestimate the costs and efforts needed for maintenance and updating. For this reason, the website may be outdated and “looking old” a short period after its release. When a website or an e-commerce is being developed, it's necessary to build an updating process that is simple, cheap and powerful.

This will avoid that a new website has to be built every two years. Of course, constant content updating and regular progress of the site is cheaper and delivers more results than waiting for a new site. How is this done? Through the construction of content managing interfaces optimized for your operation. Your team will always be able to update the website, even through the mobile phone. Don't let your website grow old, call Visie.

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We shouldn't force people to do a machine's work.

Automated and integrated with everything

A website is a communication channel. It must create communication demands. People will want to make contact, know more about your company and products, ask questions and shop. This generates work. Good work, indeed, but it's still work and it needs to be done with excellence. If your team's answers are fast and accurate, your company has a greater chance to sell.

That's why, when you build a website, you must worry about its operation. Consumer data and their requests must be automatically sent to the CRM. Common questions must have automatic answers or semi-automatic. Purchase orders must go directly to your ERP. That way you won't waste time, you will save money and provide a better service for your clients. What do you think? Let's automate your operation?

Woodworking tools arranged over a wooden surface
Tools and procedures born on the web.

Web Centered Process

The website development process used by the majority of the market is broken. The methods and tools were created before the emergence of responsive sites, in a time where the computer was the only access device to the internet. Today, with mobile phones, tablets and all screen sizes, we need new methods and tools.

Visie has created a development process based on methods and tools emerged on the web. This favors the design and construction of websites that are really responsive, in other words, that work very well with all screen sizes. Besides that, animations and interactions, the work of performance optimization and indexation by Google and the content creation and adequacy are made in a natural way, during the site construction. This guarantees that the layout, content and behavior fit perfectly. If you want a website with incredible quality, call Visie.