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Visie, pleasure to meet.
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We were created to unleash the web's power to more and more people.

About us

Visie was born from an ambitious dream: change the outline of the Brazilian internet. We started small, but with big plans. In the market since 2016, Visie has helped companies that need fast, safe and easy to use sites and web systems, through its software developing services, sites, training and consulting in web technologies. We have an excellent team of web developers and we have taught thousands of people how to build sites that really work.

We are pioneer in the use and dissemination of W3C standards in Brazil. We believe the web is the biggest and the most relevant software platform today and that the products created for the web, sites and software, must be: easy to use, fast, safe, accessible to all and looking good.

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Open to cooperate

Open Source

We always deliver the source code of our projects to the clients. Besides that, whenever possible we publish codes for the open source community. See some of our published projects:

  1. mdb2mysql: converter from Access databases (MDB) to scripts MySQL.
  2. VisualDAL: XML converter from WWW SQL Designer to DAL web2py code.
  3. badmin: automatic admin for web2py.
  4. mysql2csv: data exporter from MySQL to CSV.
  5. harexport: parser of Google Chrome generated HAR files.
  6. sheetreader: file reading functions for CSV and Excel.
  7. jFV: a simple form validator with jQuery.
  8. naobom: Script Perl to remove the Unicode character “byte order mark” (BOM).
  9. dodump: database dumps manager for WordPress.
Slice of Visie's logo
Our logo represents an iris. Our name means “vision”. Our mission is to make you see further.


Our Logo - Visie Web Standards

Visie's partners can use our logo on your promotion material. For this purpose, download the file below:

Logo package (, 83Kb)

  1. The logo cannot be modified or distorted.
  2. Our logo must be used in its original colors: red (#bf2626) for light backgrounds or white for dark backgrounds.
  3. Always choose the version with the text. The logo with no text must only be used in places where the logo with text doesn't apply, like icons.
  4. Always respect a certain distance around the logo, with 50% of the logo's height.